The Staking Academy is a content aggregation platform with the goal of educating people about blockchain technology, staking and DeFi.

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On the Staking Academy you can find

educational content such as blog posts, videos, and research reports
guides, tutorials, and tools that help you to participate in staking or DeFi projects
upcoming events, podcasts, and resources that are worthy of your time

Our Vision & Mission

We envision that open, decentralized Proof-of-Stake networks are going to be the underlying infrastructure for the next evolution of the internet, namely web3. These networks proliferate as more people engage with them and staking enables everyone to participate as well as benefit from their diffusion. It is our mission to onboard as many people as possible to this internet evolution.

In our opinion, this is best achieved through education. There is an abundance of great content out there: blog posts, podcasts, videos, guides - you name it. The only problem is that it is often scattered across different websites and quite easy to lose track of. Furthermore, there is oftentimes so much noise that one suffers from information overload.

With the Staking Academy, we want to change that and strive to be your hub for qualitative, curated content. While we mainly focus on Proof-of-Stake protocols, we also list curated, more general content about the overall industry as well as legal and DeFi specific pieces.

Staking Academy - by the community, for the community

The Staking Academy is initiated and operated by Staking Facilities with support from Chorus One & Chainflow. However, it is a community-driven effort with contributions from outside our business boundaries. Please let us know if the information you find here is useful or if we are missing something. We kindly ask you to share blog posts, videos, tools, and tutorials with us that you would like to see listed here and that help in our mission to onboard as many people as possible to the web3 revolution!