What is Dfinity?

Dfinity is building the 'internet computer', a global compute platform and virtual computer. It is secured through the decentralized Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) which is run by an independent network of datacenters. Developers can directly install their code on the public Internet without having to rely on server computers and commercial cloud services.

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Getting started with Dfinity

Learn the basics of Dfinity and quickly ramp up your knowledge about the network with these selected pieces of content.


Dfinity guides & tutorials

These guides and tutorials help you stake your ICP token on the Dfinity network using several tools.


Dfinity tools & resources

With these tools & resources, you can manage your ICP token and analyze the Dfinity network.


Dfinity ecosystem content

Browse through a selection of Dfinity-related content such as videos, blogs, podcast episodes and more!

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Dfinity events

Join a Dfinity event to connect with other stakeholders and to experience the Dfinity community first hand!

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Dfinity FAQs

How can I stake my ICP?


Staking in Dfinity refers to locking up your ICP into 'neurons', which allow you to vote within the NNS (Network Nervous System). As a result, you will be able to vote on things like Protocol updates, adding new DCs etc. By locking up ICP into neurons and actively participating in governance (i.e. voting), you can earn rewards. You can learn more here.